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Madam Brett Homestead



Melzingah Chapter NSDAR has been recognized as one of the most active in New York State, and the nation. We have welcomed more than 50 new members in the last few years, some of whom live in southern Dutchess County, and others who have ties to our chapter but live outside the area. We enjoy sharing the benefits of DAR membership, recognizing that we have a responsibility to ensure that the freedoms won by our ancestors are appreciated by Americans of today and tomorrow.


The work of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution promotes historic preservation, education, and patriotism. Our work on the chapter level reflects those aims. Our members own and operate the Madam Brett Homestead, the oldest building in Dutchess County as Beacon's oldest museum.  Members also volunteer at the Castle Point Veterans facility, bringing comfort to those who served to preserve our freedom.  The chapter also conducts an annual American History Essay Contest in local schools, and we recognize outstanding community volunteers.  Additionally, we support such worthwhile causes as literacy, Constitution Week, and naturalization programs for new citizens.

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