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Membership in the NSDAR is a unique opportunity to celebrate your lineage and heritage as a descendant of a patriot of the American Revolution. Applicants interested in participating in the historical, educational, and patriotic activities of the NSDAR are welcome to join our ranks. An individual joins a chapter by invitation and is accepted by the National Society by an act of the National Board of Management. A DAR member is first a member of the National Society; through her chapter and state organization, she contributes her service to the collective strength and progress of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

An applicant for membership must be no less than 18 years of age, and must be able to prove lineal, bloodline descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American Independence. She must provide documentation for each statement of birth, marriage, and death. Melzingah's Chapter Registrar is available to offer suggestions for documenting this generational information and is even available to type your application paper should you require such assistance.

Since our founding in 1896, more than 500 women have become members of Melzingah Chapter NSDAR. Many of the members actually live in southern Dutchess County; others have ancestors or family ties to local communities. Some have the ability to devote many tireless hours of volunteer support, while others have been unable to attend a single meeting. All, however, were welcome -- and all are part of an organization that has made lasting contributions to southern Dutchess County for more than a century.

For further information on the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, please visit

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